Preschool Geography Resources & Little Passports Review

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Have you been eyeing those cute little blue suitcases with green trim and wondering what’s inside? We got our chance to peek inside a Little Passports suitcase recently and we’re sharing what we found!

Make sure to stay tuned until the end of the post for a list of my fave resources for teaching preschoolers and kindergarteners about geography and social studies.

Little Passports Review

If you read the ABC’s of Raising a Thinking Child series, you know that teaching the kids about other cultures and the world beyond ours is very important to me, so I was thrilled to learn more about Little Passports last month after receiving one of their activity kits.

My daughter was super excited to get her own mail and even more delighted to find a map inside and a new suitcase for storing her favorite things.

Learning Geography with Little Passports

Inside we found a world map, a passport with a place to add our photo and stamps from our world adventures, a postcard from Sam and Sofia – our two traveling companions, and an activity worksheet.
Learn About the World with Little Passports

How Little Passports Works

Little Passports is a monthly subscription service (3, 6, 12, or monthly plans are available).  You can choose either the Worldwide or the USA Edition and travel to a new state or a new country each month.  Your child will receive a suitcase, map, an activity worksheet, stickers, photos, a postcard, “souvenirs”, and access to online games and activities.
Little Passports Review

Even though, the recommended age is between 5 and 12 years old, my 4 year old really liked trying to solve the worksheet puzzles about where Sam and Sofia would travel next, how to say hello in French, Mandarin, Japanese, and Italian, and figuring out how old Sam and Sofia are.  Oh, and plotting her next big adventure!

She could work the online puzzles (we’re definitely a tech and computer family growing up here in the Silicon Valley and she’s been working a mouse since she was 18 months!), but we’ll have to wait to enjoy things like the trivia – which would be perfect for an older child.

To complement our world adventures, we’re also visiting these blogs and sites for more geography learning and activities…

Preschool & Kindergarten Geography Resources

You can also use this MeMetales Collage to click through to selected individual blog posts in Mama Smiles’ Exploring Geography series – just click on the photo you’d like to explore and you’ll be taken straight to the post.


GEOGRAPHY FOR KIDS Exploring Geography: New Delhi, India - Mama Smiles Australia - Pourquoi Tales A Child-friendly Introduction to Zhuhai, China Itasca Minnesota: Birthplace of the Mississippi River - Mama Smiles World Culture: Maasai people of the Northern Rift Valley in Kenya An Introduction to New York City for Kids - Mama Smiles Exploring Geography: Boston, Massachusetts - Mama Smiles World Culture: An introduction to Poland for children A Child-friendly Introduction to Thailand Exploring Geography: Belgium - Mama Smiles Exploring Geography: Washington State Salmon! - Mama Smiles Exploring Geography: Russia - Mama Smiles GEOGRAPHY FOR KIDS MeMeTales Curator

What are your fave ways to learn about the world?
If you’re interested in learning more about Little Passports or trying out a subscription for yourself, they have some deals going on right now!
Little Passports Little Passports

You can also find out more on their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.
Disclaimer:  We received one free suitcase (the first month) from Little Passports.  As always, all opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

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