{Celebrate} Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice Baby Shower

September 21, 2011 in All Posts, Celebrate

When we heard that our good friend was having her third child – a girl after two boys – the first word that came to mind was “Sprinkle!”  The second, of course, was “Pink!”

The Theme

What could be more girly than a Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice themed baby shower?

The Venue

The perfect spot for our sweet sprinkle:  the Sweet Shop in Los Altos!  Yep, it’s the former Foodland that you used to cut sixth period for to get an early sugar fix — before you discovered that a caffeine fix was even better.  Lucky for you now, the Sweet Shop offers great delivery systems for both, like freshly brewed Verve coffee and delicious lollies like these:

The Invitations

The first step was to announce the theme.  We found these adorable, vintage-styled Sugar and Spice invitations from Loralee Lewis, which fit the bill:

Unfortunately, guests didn’t receive them until 3 days before the party and they almost didn’t get to use the pink and white straws, but that’s another post for another time.

The Decor

To go with our Sugar & Spice theme and the lovely Sweet Shop venue, we went with sweet pink and white decor.

Candy Displays

The Sweet Shop provided us with pretty beribboned jars of strawberry marshmallow candies, pastel mints, holland mints, and pink and white m&ms to decorate the main table.  Glowing clear and hot pink rock candy sticks and bright lollipops set in a bright white sea of salt finished the themed look.  (We brought in our own jar of layered m&ms, which had a more vivid effect than the jar of mixed colors).

We also showcased our m&m bow cake and pink cupcakes on the table.

Handmade Tissue Paper Flowers

These handmade tissue paper flowers were so easy to make and packed a pretty pink punch on the glass water dispenser and everywhere we needed a little splash of happy color.  (Tutorial coming soon here!)

 Onesie Bunting

Originally, I had my heart set on a cute bunting in pastel pinks, but we ended up using hot pink, white and light grey onesies strung on a silver corded ribbon and attached with hot pink, translucent mini binder clips I found at Target for $1.  This is so much cuter!  (You can’t see the detail, but the onesies are adorable with grey and white polka dots, pink flowers and grey and white stripes).

Diaper Cake

Of course, the pink & bling diaper cake graced a table of its own!  Details and tutorial here.  We matched the lollipop table decor with mini lollies on the diaper cake.

The Cake (and Cupcakes)

If I had the time – and the talent – I would have made this dreamy Pink Ombre Swirl Cake from Glorious Treats.  Of course, I had neither, so we went with this pretty pink bow cake with gradated pink layers decorated with light pink, dark pink and white m&ms.

It took two of us, plus our husbands (one a graphic designer), to come up with a design for the perfect bow!

Here’s a hint when working with m&ms:  stand above the cake and squint as you would when working with pixelated designs on your computer.

Also, play around with placement – you can lay the m&ms flat or at an angle and the effect is different.

If you read this post, you’ll know that there were supposed to be four layers and they were supposed to be going from light to dark.  (But I’m not complaining).

Of course, we couldn’t stop with a cake and went with cupcakes, too.  We decorated the tops of these sweet treats with pastel pink edible pearls, hot pink sanding sugar and miniature baby bottles and diaper pins.  My favorite:  the adorable Kewpie doll I found at Nijiya Market (where I also found the pretty pastel rock candy for our Rock Candy Maracas).

The Food

The Sweet Shop set us up with these adorable oval paper plates, which they punched on one end and tied on a pretty pink ribbon.  Guests noshed on the Sweet Shop’s wildly delicious Strawberry Fields Salad, Veggie Kid Sandwiches and Breakfast Croissantwiches, plus Apricot Stilton, Brie, and a mango-kiwi-blueberry-strawberry fruit salad.

We sipped pink lemonade through adorable “Bebe” straws from Loralee Lewis and some celebratory sparkling wine.  

The Favors

As a thank you to our guests, we put together favor bags tied with glittery silver ribbon and displayed them in a basket weaved with pink ribbon.  Guests took home pastel citrus gumdrops and pink, red and white saltwater taffy and a mini lollipop embellished with a “thank you” sticker.

What a happy day!  This was so fun to plan, I can’t wait for the next one!

If you’re wondering what’s in the bag, it’s the best baby shower gift you could ever give or be given:  a dearjohnnies hospital gown.  (I have the Rory gown (a pretty purple), the black and white Lola gown, and the rich pink and brown Coco gown and absolutely loved them.  We bought our friend the new Chloe gown, which is in the sweetest pink and green paisley).

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