Easy Paper Bag Puppet Craft

August 16, 2013 in All Posts, Kindergarten, Kindergarten Craft, Preschool, Preschool Craft

Here’s a quick and simple paper bag puppet craft that you can set up in two seconds and let the kids enjoy for hours.


This easy puppet craft for kids was a perfect boredom solution for a week of no school, mommy working from home, and daddy traveling.



  • Paper bags
  • Self-stick googly eyes
  • Self-stick glitter foam (you can substitute with construction paper and glue)
  • Scissors

How To

Just let your kids cut out shapes from the glitter foam and stick to their puppets! How simple is that.


I set out a pile of the materials last week when we had a babysitter coming in every day and the kids made new puppets almost every day. They loved having creative craft time, plus lots of pretend play with their handmade friends.

What’s your go-to simple craft? Share in the comments!

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Note: I think the babysitter did most of the cutting by the looks of the orderly shapes, so don’t expect your preschooler or kindergartner to come up with such exact features. If it were me supervising, I would have definitely let the kids cut wild!

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