{Live} The Holiday Card We Would Send If We Were Honest People

December 17, 2011 in All Posts, Laugh

We weren’t a holiday card family growing up.  But Hubby is a big time card guy.  He takes pride in being the first card of the season and it’s the primary way he keeps in touch with many of his relatives overseas.

I always wonder, though – especially in times like these – what goes through some people’s minds when they see the pretty, polished, joyful notes from friends and family when they’re going through tough and terrible times.  Do they really want your holiday cheer shoved in their faces?

Even after we had Jane, I still insisted we didn’t need to send out a card.  Many of my good friends questioned my decision and were shocked, “Aren’t you sending a holiday card?”  So the following year, I relented.  And this year we’re doing it again.

We never have a perfectly posed family portrait since my children refuse to sit within arms reach of each other, let alone sit still individually and smile sweetly for the camera.  But we do our best to throw in halfway decent happy face photos.  None of them are really “holiday” photos, but we look like a happy, shiny family.

If we were honest people, we would be sending out this one:

Happy Holidays!

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