The ABCs of Raising a Thinking Child: P through T

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We’re getting ready to wind down the ABC’s of How to Raise a Thinking Child series with tips from P through T today.

I think you know the drill.  Here’s a little recap of the week so far: Monday we shared 20+ ABC Guides to Mom Tips & Tricks, Tuesday we linked to 10+  A through Z guides in the ABC’s of Learning Through Play category, Wednesday we highlighted 15+ ABC Guides to Learning through Play, and today we’re featuring 10 A-Z Guides on Literacy at the end of this post.

Raising a Thinking Kid

Here are some things – starting from P through T – that I try to be conscious of in order to Raise A Thinking Child. Don’t be shy, friends – share some of your tips in the comments!

The ABCs of Raising A Thinking Child

P is for Patience.

Most children, like adults, want quick solutions or instant gratification.  Luckily, patience and perseverance are things that can be taught (for us, too!).  A few things you can do to encourage your child to slow down and make considered choices instead of rash decisions include being patient yourself (don’t rush your child into a choice), let your child talk through choices and consequences, take the time to entertain your child’s questions, and when your child is frustrated – break down the problem into bite size issues he can tackle more easily.  Problem solving gets easier with a little help from self-confidence!

Q is for Question.  

Do I need to say it?  Teach your child to question EVERYTHING.  Not as in to rebel against everything, but to look for the reasons behind what he’s being told to do, what he’s choosing to do, or how he’s going about something.  Like I said when I started off this series on Monday, the aim is to raise children without “braces on their brains!”  The only acceptable kind of braces for your child should come with a $5,000 bill and lifelong retainer (headgear optional).

R is for Respect.

Meaning your respect for your child’s ideas and his respect for others’ opinions, perspectives, and ways of life.  A super simple way of teaching respect:  model it yourself.  If you refrain from discrimination, negative stereotyping, and blanket statements about what is good and bad, your child will do the same.  Show your child that you are open to new ideas and ways of doing things and he will be open to creative thinking, too.

S is for Sleep.

I know we, as parents, don’t get much, but sleep is such a must for children.  Think of how foggy you are in the morning after a 2 a.m. feeding:  same goes for kids who aren’t getting their zzzz’s.  A short fuse plus a physiological inability to concentrate is a recipe for disaster when it comes to even the smallest task or decision. Set up a sleep routine and stick with it, whatever it is.

T is for Teach.

Learning through teaching is a great way to expose your child to the idea that everyone has a different way of thinking.  When your child has the opportunity to teach another child or adult how to do something, he is also learning how other people think because he will have to adjust his communication style or the way in which he describes something in order to make it understandable to another person.  If your child has mastered a new skill, ask him to teach his dad or an older brother how to do it.  Not only will he be going methodically through his own thought process, but he will come to understand that everyone processes information differently and from unique perspectives.

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