{Play} 30 Active Indoor Activities For Kids

March 25, 2012 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

When it’s too hot or too cold to play outside, these active indoor activities are just right!

It’s supposed to sunny and warm here by now, but we’re going through a cold snap and suffering from repeated bouts of cabin fever with this extended winter season.  The good thing is that we’ve built up a great list of go-to activities for burning off some of that extra bounce-off-the-walls energy when we can’t go out to play.  Bookmark this post for those scorcher summer days ahead, too!

1. Dance to your favorite music

2. Jump and learn with Tape Shapes

3. Do Yoga

4. Play Musical Chairs

5. Play Balloon Badminton

6. Play Indoor Hopscotch (8 different ways)

7. Set up a Themed Obstacle Course

8. Pretend to be Animals

9. Have a Pom Pom Ball Battle

10. Walk a Tape Path

11. Play Twister With Party Plates

12. Have fun with Indoor Sidewalk Chalk

13. Build a Fort

14.  Run around with a homemade Indoor Sled for your toys

15. Have a Glow In The Dark Dance Party with glow sticks

16. Act Out your favorite nursery rhymes

17. Run, jump, and slam into some Bubble Wrap

18. Play Sidewalk Simon using construction paper

19. Go Island Hopping 

20. Build and experiment with a Homemade Parachute

21. Toss Bean Bags

22. Go Crayon or Block Bowling

23. Have a Pillow Sack Race

24. Play Indoor Baseball

25. Twirl with Ribbons

26. Play Knock ‘Em Down

27. Set up Crawl Tunnels using couch cushions, pillows, and blankets.

28. Run through Your Own Race Track

29. Kick a Ball down your Race Track

30. Play Cup & Ball Toss

Of course, you could also just get out there and enjoy the weather!

Big thanks to

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Crayon FrecklesJuggling With Kids, and The Golden Gleam for contributing their fabulous active indoor play ideas!

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